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Poison Prevention for Pets

Poisoning of family pets is one of the most common dilemmas facing the veterinarian.  All too often the inciting toxin is not identified or the toxic level of the substance is undetermined.  Consequently, the treatment approach is all encompassing including intense observation and in some cases, lengthy hospitalization.  Poison prevention can be a very difficult…

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The Importance of Pet Dental Health

Dental care is an often overlooked part of your pet’s health.  Extensive disease can be present with very minimal noticeable signs.  A complete inspection above and below the gumline is important, which is why X-rays are recommended for pets and ourselves.  In some cases, disease can be diagnosed and treated properly to prevent worsening well…

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When Is It Too Cold For My Pets To Be Outside in the Winter

I believe, when it is too cold for us to be outside with no coat for 5 min, it is too cold for our pets to be outside. I would definitely recommend bringing them in at subzero temperatures. If they must stay outside, shelter their house facing away from wind, rain and a heat lamp…

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A pet in the stocking?

Giving a Pet as a Holiday Gift Often I am asked if it is a good idea to surprise a friend or family member with a pet for the holidays! As we know pet ownership is a relationship that should be for the life of the pet, barring serious circumstances. In addition, the person receiving…

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Intestinal Parasites aka “WORMS” in Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats can contract many different types of parasites. Some of these parasites live in their intestines. To diagnose intestinal parasites, veterinarians will take stool samples during your pet’s visit for vaccinations or illness. Intestinal parasites are common, especially in young animals, which is why fecal samples are important during your pet’s visit. What…

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