Indulgent Treats

lick-a-lotsLick- A- Lots
Lick- A Lots are healthy frozen treats for dogs. All ingredients are human grade, all natural and ultra premium. The main ingredient is low fat yogurt with active cultures that are easy to digest, aid in nutrient absorption, and boost the immune system. They contain the same amount of calories as a dog biscuit and are 1/3 the calories of competitor’s frozen treat cups.

“10 Minutes of Doggie Bliss”
Small, $2
Large, $3

pb-filled-kongsPeanut Butter Filled Kongs
Kongs are Super Bouncy and Irrestible for dogs! A Peanut Butter Filled Kong provides hours of entertainment and satification.
“The World’s Best Dog Toy”
Kong, $3


Bedtime Turn Down
bedtime_readingA Personal Tuck-In Tummy Rub while Listening to a Personal Bedtime Story and enjoying a treat of Choice, $8
Lick- A- Lots
Peanut Butter Filled Kong
Bagel: Plain or Topped with Peanut Butter

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