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Our Products



At The Pet Hotel, we use a high quality product called AlphaPooch made by Alpha Protech for your pets’ bedding while they are boarding. AlphaPooch is a faux lambswool, plush material that is 1 inch thick that keeps your pet feeling cool and comfortable. The machine washable fleece remains plush even after repeated washing and drying. For more information on AlphaPooch please visit their website: www.alphapooch.com
*Please note – You may also choose to bring your pets’ own bedding from home if you desire.


We use a hospital grade disinfectant called ParvoTech to sanitize indoors and outdoors multiple times throughout the day. ParvoTech is a viracidal, fungicidal, and bacteriacidal disinfectant. It has been approved and accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency as a safe and effective product to use in close quarters with animals and people. For more information on ParvoTech, please visit the following link: www.parvotech.com/13_14_Tech_Sheet_1__w_out__chicken.pdf


As our veterinary advisors have recommended, The Pet Hotel feeds a high quality dry kibble diet to all boarding guests. For dogs, we feed Royal Canin Veterinary Gastro Intestinal Low Fat . This veterinary diet was formulated specifically for high digestibility, increased antioxidants, and as a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. This food is labeled for puppies as well as adult dogs. For cats, we feed Purina Pro Plan Adult Dry Cat Food, which contains high quality ingredients with essential nutrients, key vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants to help nourish your cat’s protective systems.

*Please note – you may always bring your pets’ food from home if you prefer. There is no extra charge for either bringing your own food or using the house food.