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About Us

Our Facility
ribbon-cuttingThe Pet Hotel of Woodstock was custom designed after 5 years of extensive research and review of leading boarding facilities and veterinary hospitals throughout America. The facility is designed as a combination of functionality, entertainment, cleanliness, and safety, creating an atmosphere that keeps pets feeling as comfortable as if they were at home with the added activities of a vacation.

Every inch of the 8500 square foot building, from the guest suites to the large indoor playroom, was designed with your pet in mind. The floor plan and suites create an environment that is less noisy and therefore less stressful than a traditional kennel. All guest suites feature tempered glass and privacy paneling that allow your pet to relax in a cozy setting without being disturbed by their neighbors. Our suites also boast reduced impact rubberized epoxy flooring that is cleaned and sanitized every night. We utilize a hospital grade disinfectant which keeps all areas of the facility looking and smelling clean and fresh at all times. All areas of the building are climate controlled and kept at a comfortable temperature between 65 and 75 degrees throughout the year. Our specialized exhaust system circulates fresh air and replaces it within 10 minutes, ensuring an odor and germ free environment. To ensure your pets’ safety 24 hours a day, the entire facility is protected by a fire sprinkler system linked to the local fire department.

townelakeawardAt The Pet Hotel, the outside area was designed with as much attention to detail as the inside. We have four spacious play-yards which boast Field Turf, the leading artificial grass designed specifically for pets’ safety and well-being. Field Turf has a superior drainage system, eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and insecticides, minimizes pests, and reduces allergen exposure. Field Turf is featured at such state of the art facilities as The San Diego Zoo and Sea World. The play-yards are surrounded by 8 foot fences made of high quality vinyl and steel material.

Our Products

At The Pet Hotel, we use a high quality product called AlphaPooch made by Alpha Protech for your pets’ bedding while they are boarding. AlphaPooch is a faux lambswool, plush material that is 1 inch thick that keeps your pet feeling cool and comfortable. The machine washable fleece remains plush even after repeated washing and drying. For more information on AlphaPooch please visit their website: www.alphapooch.com
*Please note – You may also choose to bring your pets’ own bedding from home if you desire.

We use a hospital grade disinfectant called ParvoTech to sanitize indoors and outdoors multiple times throughout the day. ParvoTech is a viracidal, fungicidal, and bacteriacidal disinfectant. It has been approved and accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency as a safe and effective product to use in close quarters with animals and people. For more information on ParvoTech, please visit the following link: www.parvotech.com

We prefer you bring your pets’ food from home, pre-portioned by meal.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday 1pm to 6pm

The Pet Hotel front desk will be closed or have limited hours on the following major holidays:

New Year’s Eve: 7am – 12pm
New Year’s Day: Closed
Easter Sunday: Closed
Memorial Day: Closed
Independence Day: Closed
Labor Day: Closed
Thanksgiving Day: Closed
Christmas Eve: 7am – 12pm
Christmas Day: Closed

*Please note – our Pet Care Specialists are here 365 days per year to care for your pets even while the front desk is closed.

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